Have Fun E-mail Marketing

We create targeted E-mail Marketing campaigns, for each customer group (women, men, age groups, etc.), so that they receive messages, relevant to their interests and needs.

E-mail Marketing offers an instant and reliable way of communicating with your existing clientele, to inform it about your business news, about pricing, about arrival of new products and limited-time offers.

We have the experience and the resources to design an effective and measurable E-mail Marketing campaign, in order to achieve the goals we have set (increasing sales, new products or services awareness, etc.)

E-mail campaign reports then, give you a clear picture of their progress and effectiveness, so that you can evaluate the usefulness of E-mail Marketing that we have planned.


We design and implement targeted E-mail Marketing campaigns for specific target groups (for example, women, men, age groups, etc.) in order for them to receive messages, relevant to their interests and needs.


We design Newsletters according to the purpose of the E-mail Marketing campaign (updating for offers, updating for new products or services, etc.), for greater success and achievement of the goals we have set.


We offer detailed reports on the results of each E-mail Marketing campaign (how many messages were opened, users that opened the message, how many users visited our website via the newsletter, etc.)

Our goal is creating new opportunities for our customers and enhancing their corporate identity and online presence around the Internet, of course by aiming the increasing of sales or brand Awareness.


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