Social Media Marketing results will surprise you!

By using Social Media Marketing tactics, we promote your business, products or services to suggested Social Media Networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), having as a main goal the “word-to-mouth” logic. Social Media tactics being used are sharing, comments, likes and anything that can spread your message and your business to the public. So Social Media and especially Facebook advertising, creates a strong relationship between customers and your products or services.

Have Fun SMM

What does social media presence and advertising achieve in Social Media?

  • Direct communication with the public and possible consumers.
  • Ability to be viewed over 4 million users in Greece!
  • Managing and increasing brand awareness.
  • Opportunities to increase audience and customers.
  • Receive feedback from the public.
  • Low advertising costs, compared to other online media.
  • Crisis management, to quickly reduce dissatisfaction for a negative event and not to extend to another means, that could ruin the reputation of the company.

How do we create a Facebook campaign;


  1. We select an ad type, defining the goal we want to achieve (Page Likes, Website visits, Post Boosting, etc.).
  2. We create the ad with efficient advertising.
  3. We set the target group accurately based on country, age, interests, etc.
  4. We set the budget.
  5. We optimize the campaign. Optimization is what will greatly increase the success of advertising and will reduce the cost for every user visit on the page.
  6. We keep an eye on its progress, as social media ad guidelines are constantly changing, but also because of the audience preferences.
  7. At the same time, we post daily on the page, interesting content that help increase the company’s reputation and sales. This is a time-consuming process that if not done properly, can produce the exact opposite of what we are targeting.

Our goal is creating new opportunities for our customers and enhancing their corporate identity and online presence around the Internet, of course by aiming the increasing of sales or brand Awareness.


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