Reputation Management enhances the extroversion of your presence on the internet, and protects your reputation.

It aims in building a serious online presence that will convince users to purchase its services or products. In order to purchase something, we must first trust the vendor and we achieve this when having a plan and strategy. For example, we pose positive customer feedback and be careful not to have negative feedback on the first Google Page or on Social Media, that will damage our client’s image.

Protect your professional, personal or corporate online reputation. Negative comments on popular Social Media, slanderous articles on blogs or forums and any kind of such electronic media, hurt your image on the internet. Preparing a detailed action plan, will protect you from any kind of negative feedback.

We offer a reputable service to empower and protect your reputation on the internet for both freelancers and businesses. We associate your name or business with positive customer feedback, information that shows your credibility, so that users prefer you over others.


Reputation Management reports show you what’s the picture that internet users have over your business, products or services. We mention the negative and positive opinions on the internet (on the 1st page of the Google search results, Facebook Posts, articles on blogs, etc.). If negative feedback is found, we recommend ways to address them in order to protect your online reputation.

Our goal is creating new opportunities for our customers and enhancing their corporate identity and online presence around the Internet, of course by aiming the increasing of sales or brand Awareness.


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