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Have Fun Video Production department is composed of professionals with years of experience and expertise, across the entire video production spectrum.

The team consists of: Video Director, Director of Photography, Cameraman, Sound Engineer, Fashion Designer, Graphics Designer, 2D-3D Animator, Music Editor, Music Composer, Photographer, Costume Designer, Make-up artist.

Our excellent expertise in video editing includes: broadcasting, video editing, 2D-3D animation graphics and special effects.

Our fully equipped state-of-the-art studio has a blue-screen for special video or photo shoots and leads to quality and highly cost-effective creative solutions for your advertising spot or your corporate video.

We cover:

  • TV productions.
  • Audiovisual Productions.
  • Advertising spots production for use on the Internet.
  • Advertising spots production for TV use. (TV spots)
  • Corporate video productions.
  • Conference coverage Photo – Video
  • Documentary production.

We also provide the following services:

  • Finding Locations/Spots for Photo / Video Shooting
  • Shooting licenses
  • Crew finding
  • Casting
  • Pre-production planning
  • Equipment Rental
  • Hotels / Tickets
  • Transfers
  • Budget management
  • Aerial shootings
Have Fun

In addition, a team of prominent professional broadcasters and actors work with you all the way from the beginning up to the end and simplify procedures in such a way, that all you need to do is simply call us.

Our methodology for completing a video production (whether short or not) is as follows:

  1. Pre-production

This step considers all preparation needed to be done to have a quality television production. We are in constant communication, discussing and exchanging views and ideas. The scenario, finding a possible location for filming, casting of actors / models and production costs are finalized and approved by the customer.

  1. Production

At this step, we shoot at the location we have set. In case you do not need shooting, the image is composed instead. Sound is in the production stage.

  1. Post production – Editing

We compose the first draft, which awaits client approval to be completed. We make the necessary color corrections, add the effects or 3D graphics, if necessary, make the final composition of the sound and when the TV spot is completed, we promote to the necessary media distribution.

We have been trusted by many public sectors, businesses, municipalities, stores, TV channels, artists to undertake audiovisual productions such as video clips, documentaries, TV shows, corporate videos / presentations, advertising spots and general multimedia applications.


Have Fun Group team consists of professionals with years of experience in the largest sound production companies in Greece and abroad.

Describe your need and we will immediately find the voice that best fits.

Our experienced team can also make suggestions on the appropriate voice that will color up the scenario you have been thinking about.

Choosing the right voice is an entire process. It will be based on the subject and style you need to have your script presented to.

For us, the production of a sound spot is not limited to simply reading an intelligent text, but is instead based on the full use of sound media, such as sound effects, proper music editing, production of original music, choice of speaker, aiming to provide hiqh quality sound services.

In more details:

  • We compose promotional spots for use on the radio.
  • We record speech and edit audio / music.
  • We provide a large collection of Music Libraries with royalty free music compositions for usae in advertising spots, as well as music coverage for any use of music production.
  • We process and design the sound of promotional spots, movies, animations, etc. (Sound Design)
  • We create advertising productions for use in busy commercial areas, such as super markets, shopping centers, department stores, etc.
  • We create voice mail / music for when on hold and ads for use in corporate phone centers.


Have Fun

Have Fun Group stands by you on every step of your career and so that you could not miss a video clip production. It is proven that a combination of a good song and a good video clip can really make a difference !!!

Our goal is producing a professional video clip, without heavy costs on the artist.

By having a great video clip, you can be broadcasted all over the world through TV, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and the rest of the social media networks.

We can discuss, to find the best solution for you, according to your available budget. We also discuss the type of your personality as well as the song you want to make a video clip for. These are the key factors for choosing the right clothing, location, time and media to use.

Have Fun Group works with various categories of professionals for having a high quality production. Moreover, we work with:

  • Directors – Scenario Writers
  • Actors
  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Photo Models
  • Animateur
  • Stylists
  • Make-up artists
  • Choreographers, etc.

Also, if you want to, you can use all of the following for your video clip :

  • Luxury cars
  • Limousines
  • Antique cars
  • Yachts
  • Boats
  • Aircrafts
  • Helicopters
  • Villas
  • Business premises, etc.

as well as anything else you need.

Of course, everything depends on your needs and available budget. We also have collaborations around the world, in case you want to make the shooting abroad.

Don’t forget that a good and quality production, requires good strategy, planning, financial study and reasonable deadline for its implementation.

Regardless the time needed to shoot the video clip, it takes a lot of time for editing, special effects and finalization.

We use high-end technology equipment maximum production quality.

The purpose of Have Fun Group, is to satisfy your requirements, as well as make your dreams come true. Many times the artists have thought of a very specific script for their video clip. However, when analyzing it, sometimes we conclude that it can not be done exactly as dreamt, for a variety of reasons.

Clearly, before starting shooting, we provide you with a relative training, regarding your look in front of the lens, moves and general comfort in your expression.

If you want to create a video clip with only photos and music, we can serve you in a short time and at a lower budget, obviously.

Don’t hesitate contacting us for any further info.


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